Platform Systems Administrator (virtual location)

Entuura embodies a community of Health Information Systems engineering specialists who are working to apply cutting edge technology to all of the planet’s patients. Our far-ranging network and long experience in technology and global public health put us in the right place to make a difference in health outcomes around the world.

For a project related to benchmarking the performance of Computer Assisted Diagnostics (CAD) using AI and machine learning on medical images, Entuura is searching for a Platform Systems Administrator.

In this role, you will be responsible for:

1. The success of the client as they use the platform to do research on the relative performance of various vendor products.

  • Main point of contact with the client

  • Capacity planning for future expansion

  • Documentation, training, and troubleshooting

2. Vendor onboarding, including:

  • First contact with various actors in the CAD industry

  • Analysis of the software requirements for install

  • Scheduling and executing installation and training

  • Ongoing support and troubleshooting

A successful candidate should be able to demonstrate:

  1. A track record of written and verbal communication with clients in English.

  2. Intermediate-level Linux system administration in the context of a cloud hosting environment (i.e. AWS, exoscale, etc).

  3. Beginning- to intermediate-level scripting in bash or Python.

  4. An ability to work independently and self-organise.

The specific technologies used in this platform include:

  • Exoscale hosting, with programmatic access via the "exo" tool.

  • Access control via:

    • Virtual network firewall rules

    • SSH public keys

    • NFS export lists

  • Bash shell scripting, including the “dialog” command for making text-based user interfaces.

Candidates should be able to show familiarity with some of the above, and the capacity to learn about the rest of them quickly on the job.

The position is remote-only, with an expectation to meet the clients via video conference during business hours in Europe.

Candidates should send a letter of motivation and a CV to jobs@entuura.org or apply directly here on the website.