Company Overview


Entuura is an information technology consulting and engineering company.  We supports a variety of digital health related multi-national projects and activities. 

There is wide global recognition of the need for health for all, with digital health as a key means for achieving universal health coverage. In this context, Entuura provides unique engineering solutions – both consultancy services, information technology and support to a wide variety of actors globally, including ministries of health, international multi-lateral organisations (WHO, United Nations, etc.), major funding organisations and non-governmental / not-for-profit organisations.  

History and Evolution

In 2012, Entuura Ventures Limited started business consulting in the Caribbean region supporting Health Information Systems deployments. Since then, we have grown to work closely with clients within the EU, Middle East and African regions. In 2016-2018, we have secured clients in Asia as well, making us a truly global enterprise.  

In 2019 we relocated our business to Asia (Hong Kong) to be able to more directly address new opportunities  in Asia and the Pacific Islands. 

Virtual Company

Operating via a virtual workforce isn't some feel-good concept cooked up in the corner of some consultant's brain. For us it's a reality.  We operate as a hive mind connected around the world. Our staff and consultants mainly connect and interact digitally, versus having physical offices.  Benefits to address our global client base is clear.  We can be there whatever time or place you need us to be.